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As a native of Colorado, I find endless inspiration in the state's breathtaking natural beauty, fostering a deep connection to the Earth and all its wonders. Throughout my career, I have been privileged to see my work licensed and published across Colorado and the surrounding region. Both public entities and private collectors have sought me out for commissioned projects, a testament to the value they see in my art.

Colorado's diverse landscapes and ever-changing seasons offer an abundance of wildlife and scenic vistas that captivate me. I strive to capture the enchanting beauty of the state in unique and captivating ways, serving as a testament to the inspiration I draw from Colorado. As an artist and photographer, I derive immense joy from the creative process, employing various mediums such as photography, digital fine art, and mixed media.

Over the years, my clientele has included notable names such as Applebee's Restaurant, Mc Donald’s Restaurant, the State of Colorado, Colorado Tourism Office, Colorado Office of Film and Video, Telluride Ski & Resort, History Colorado, Ute Indian Museum, Timberline Bank, Volunteers of America, Home Loan State Bank and musician David Starr.

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